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The Spanish Living

Helena Miller

Way of life

The Spanish Living .

Please read this below linked article. 

Málaga is ranked as the world's second best city to live in for foreigners.

Málaga also came first in the world  in the Local Cost of Living Index, with 86 percent of foreign residents  rating this positive.

It does very well in the Finance  & Housing Index (5th) too, with foreign residents considering  housing both affordable (67 percent vs. 42 percent globally) and easy to  find (70 percent vs. 60 percent globally).


For me personally love that we onlye have to wear two sets of clothings. 

You wear one set for the summer and one for rest of the year. 

We're so lucky to get Vitamin D from the sun, olives and olive oil that gives you the natural polyphony for you body to take in the OMEGA 3. 

The traditional sardines on stick that you are getting at all the beach restaurants, called Chiringuitos, are rich sources for the Omega 3.  For all these reasons, the Spanish living gives you the happy hormones because the skin is more exposed to the sun.

Would you know that to compensate for that, you can take the only Omega3 that comes together with the polyphony for your body cells to adapt to the vitamins and the fish oil. If you don't eat that additionally, your body won't consume it and your food suppliment have no use. 

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