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Would you like thicker hair, smoother skin, enhanced memory?

Helena Miller

The secret to a better life

If there were a recipe to this, one would have been rich to invent that you would think. Oh yes, there is actually what a Norwegian scientist already has done. After research and tests, this has been out in the market for a while. –your secret and recipe to a better life. 

However, still many prefer to eat pills to cure their headache, ease stint stomachs and accept that memory loss or hair loss is something to accept. So they listen to commercials and ads and buy expensive remedies to cure whatever needs to be repaired.

Have you heard about polyphenols? 

Probably not, but you can find them in red berries, red or dark fruit, and olives/ olive oil.

Together with Omega 3 (EPA + DHA), olive polyphenols, and vitamin D3, polyphenols will help you to protect cells from rusting (oxidation) and adjust your body's Omega 6:3 balance. 

This is the recipe (secret) to a better life –and it is called Zinzino Balance Oil, made of Omega 3 and the above-mentioned ingredients to heal a lot of things that you might suffer from because cells inside you are not working properly.

Most people, if not almost 100% of us are eating wrong. Considering eating wrong could be eating (unconsciously) unhealthy premade food (also called processed* food) or having too many sugary drinks and eating meals containing added sugar and starch (yes - starch converts to sugar). Potatoes, rice, and pasta ARE starch.

I have watched various videos on YouTube regarding eating correctly to age well and prevent Alzheimer's disease which is an increasing problem with (not necessarily) the elderly population. From intermittent fasting, conscientiously shying away from sugary food with the intent to avoid Diabetes 2. The message is don't eat too often to overwhelm the insulin production.

Oh well, It's not easy to keep up with all the good advice out there. However, with a busy schedule, gotta live. Our society has created a fast and running schedule for us to keep up with. It's inevitable to fail good intentions with either exercise programs and/ or a well-fed diet. 

If I told you for sure this balance oil from Zinzino is an OMEGA3 Balance Oil that is constructed with the right ingredients and scientifically proven to help promote normal brain function, heart function, immune system, and reducing inflammation which is one of the causes of degenerative diseases, —would you then take it?

Drop pills but still be aware of what you eat.

I have now taken the ZINZINO Omega 3 balance Oil for three months and I am starting to notice a change – at least my hair has come back rich and full like it was before. I have been complaining about hair loss (my excuse has been stress), but now – suddenly I have noticed – my hair is back. Could it be the sun? Summer ☀️ has just past or could it simply be the balance oil that has taken effect?

Yes, the sun can have caused enrichment of Vitamin D, but here is a tricky part.

I asked my advisor for this OMEGA3 product why my previously healthy diet has not helped me?

She said that the Balance Oil –helps your body to obtain the vitamins and all the Omega3 because your body hasn't been able to consume it.

–Whaat? What do you mean that my body hasn't utilized the good stuff?

The thing is that by age and by eating the wrong food, even the good stuff, the membrane in your brain and your cells are getting harder, so it's like an eggshell. Vitamins and Omega 3 won't penetrate or go through the walls or not be consumed at its fullest. In other words the body won't get the benefits and will spoil vitamins or the omega3 as waste. You can buy expensive supplements one thing after the other –and with no effect.

Believe me, this Zinzino Omega3 Balance Oil, filled with polyphenols is the recipe for a better and healthier life. You will notice improvements, have short term memory clearness (goodbye brain fog), and even improvements in bed. The last part, well, better sex-drive speaks for itself, who doesn't want that?

What are you waiting for?

Follow the link to my website and you can order a start-kit to TEST yourself and see how well your test is doing. ZINZINO will refund you if you have the correct balance 3:1 of Omega 3 and Omega 6.
Did you know that Omega6 is enhancing whatever inflammations you would have in your body?

Inflammations cause joint pains, stomach aches, headaches, skin diseases and so forth...

If you're in doubt, please schedule an appointment so we can have a Zoom meeting with you to explain this more. 

Yes, of course, there are other Omega3 products, but they are without the recipe blend of polyphenols and EPA+DHA and it's without any scientific test results that are personal and only for you.

Many thanks for reading my article,

Helena Miller

* A tips, start to read labels on cans and glasses of premade food and see for yourself how many products contain sugar. You will be surprised! 😮

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