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About us

2021 SYDENPADEL launched with padel trainer Juan Carlos.
2022 SYDENPADEL Launching a collaboration with COWORKER EVENT to be able to offer flight/accommodation


With COWORKER Events we have 12 years experience on Costa del Sol to offer you padel enthusiasts a possibility to book flights/hotel included in your dedicated padel trip.

Contact us for any questions you may have.
Have a nice day! 
Kind regards, Helene


Contact us:

On the photo:
Padel organiser (left) Helene Miller with a Spanish friend

Helena in Spain organises padel arrangements for locals and trips for Norwegians and others to come and learn/ practise padel skills with Spanish instructors. Collaborations with local padel clubs and a travel agent are the key to design your travel experience to the best fit for your need. Find us at Instagram @sydenpadel to see our references or our endorsement here on the website.
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