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My Padel History

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Padel forms new friendships...if you don't keep claiming your "rights" on the padelcourt all the time.

Due to padel , I have gotten good friends with an international crowd and the Spanish language has improved a lot. With a large numbers of Scandinavians here, you have to put some effort into not just mingle "with people of your own".

“Be careful so you don't get injured”

My story, from the beginning.

I have been doing sports almost my whole life so I've always learned quickly. However being good in padel took some time.

In the beginning - my partner and I didn't have anyone to play with, so that's the reason how I started forming padel pools and later started the group COMO JUGAR (MAS) PADEL (meaning HOW TO LEARN MORE PADEL by learning with a padel instructor and playing after).

When I started to play with a Norwegian group, #injuries like a lumbago and a popped calf string stopped me from learning padel for 1,5 years .

While I was in Norway my boyfriend started to play in various groups at #Higueron Sports center in Costa del Sol #costadelsol, just next to my house. So when I returned after a photography project in Norway, I got #hookedonpadel. After November 2018 I've had regularly padel classes with a Spanish padel trainer. From there, my skills changed pretty quickly and I got hooked :) – so, you see I definitely recommend you to take padel classes early on.

Increased intensity with a padel trainer

Due to my injuries, I've been pretty good in doing stretch rehearsals after each game (#vacation #dream #summer). That has prevented me from being injured. I once felt the symptoms of a tennis elbow but I sold my brand new padel racket #pala and the pain stopped immediately. (Sorry #Starvie)

- I had bought my racket by the brand and didn't have enough skills to distinguish what type of #padel racket that I actually needed. Luckily my next padel racket #NOX was fantastic and now with #ADIDASAdipower it's a bulls eye for me.

#padeltrainer. Working with a padel trainer made me improve my technical skills. I learned how to turn with the ball in the corner, I learned very well #bandejas and #bajadas and to return #smashes. It was a new start and now I appreciate the game more. Thank you for #JavierHernandez for a great start and #jcpadeltraining for the continuation.

However fun has been my main driving force to play padel and create #friendships have been the second most important thing for me. Playing with my #boyfriend have been OK, and #respect for each other's learning curve have made us keep on going together. Hehe, just an #advice if you want to keep your partner as a boyfriend/ girlsfriend or husband / wife also find groups respectively for males and females only.

Meeting Celebrities

I actually met Carolina Navarro #navarrocarolina very early. That was even before I had started to play properly. I heard she was at a padel court in #Fuengirola and she was a #WPT World Padel Tour #worldpadeltourplayer player. I rushed to the court because I am a photographer and thought it could be a piece for the local Norwegian Magazine in Costa del Sol. I had no idea who the couple was, but I learned later that they were Cecilie Reiter #cecireiter and Carolina Navarro (9 times runner number 1 in the world).

Later on I have met many more padel celebrities (WPT players) . I did meet Carolina Navarro again when I won her #Starvie #padelracket in a draw in her own Tournament for #padelforall in #Inacuapadel in #Malaga. That was last summer in #2021 between the #pandemic and #covid restrictions. Luckily or hopefully we're done with that now! so we can play more more more : )


That was a good story Helena! I really enjoy both playing and hanging around with you😎🎾!

Take care and I see you in october!

Replying to

Thanks and the same with you. Enjoy summer in Sweden.

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